IA Product key feature overview

Access control methods

Controlled Access

With controlled access, access to the internet is limited by login codes. Each code can be set to limit the following:

  • Number of users allowed to connect (using the same code)
  • Bandwidth limit
  • Data limit
  • Time limit
  • Codes can be created and printed in bulk, or created as and when needed using the codes management interface. (this can be separate from the admin interface to protect settings)

    Registered Access

    With registered access users can gain access to the internet by entering their email, name or other requested details. These details are then sent to a given email address to be archived for use in marketing or usage statistics.

    Social Media Access

    Using social media access users can log in with their Facebook account, the user will then be prompted to 'like' or 'share' your facebook page. User facebook account details are then collected and stored in the usage reports file, which can automatically be sent to an email address daily.

    Unlimited Access

    Unlimited access simply allows users to gain access upon agreeing to a disclaimer. This disclaimer can be modified in the admin interface to suit your requirements.

    Open Access

    Open access simply allows users to connect without any futher action as though it were an open network, however still allows you to block content, limit bandwidth and enable firewall rules.

    Content Filtering

    Content filtering on the units is powered by OpenDNS, allowing you to block categories of websites for all users. A free or paid OpenDNS account is required, which can be set up here.

    Network Protection

    The AC units feature an inbuilt firwall to protect against DoS attacks, block access to private computers on the WAN side of the unit and block all P2P activity. P2P is one of the most commonly used protocols for downloading copyright protected material and other illigal content. Blocking it protects you from receiving threats of legal action due to material accessed on your network.

    Cloud Monitoring

    The medipriv Internet access control units can be managed via the cloud management system allowing the following features:

    Access to management and monitoring interface from any type of computer, tablet or smartphone
    Remote monitoring and management for one or many access controllers
    Manage access controllers individually, or in groups
    Performance stats for individual access controllers and for groups
    Access controllers failure monitoring
    Central authentication for individual access controllers and for groups of access controllers
    The ideal tool for IT firms who provide managed services for customers
    The access controllers Cloud service is free for single units with a log data retention of 24 hours
    A PRO version of the access controllers Cloud has 5 year log data retention for multiple access controllers, with a per access controller fee
    Read more about the cloud...